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Up to 8K resolution, mono or stereoscopic 360° video with stereo or spatial audio.


Your 360° video can be uploaded and experienced on different platforms.

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The costs of producing a 360°video are about the same as a normal video. You give people an experience and they give you their full attention.

“As virtual reality (VR) technology has entered the mainstream in the last three years, businesses and other organizations have begun to show increased interest in this new and powerful medium for engaging their customers, employees and other stakeholders. VR applications and 360 video have been employed for everything from fans virtually hanging out with celebrities to hospital residents studying brain surgery. The possibilities are vast — but how can 360 video benefit your business?”

Immersive video solutions


Together with companies and organisations we explore ways of using 360Video/VR to solve challenges and make good things better.

An example of it is the use of immersive video stands at office receptions and lobbies alowing your guests to have a feel of what the organisation they are visiting is about while they wait for their hosts.

Another example is the use of immersive video stands outside facilities that, for security reasons, are not visitor friendly.

Or to give employees around the world the experience of being on the different locations and meet key people of the organisation.

The possibilities are enormous.

Digital content for Media

We can help broadcasters, newspapers and other communications and media organizations to create digital content.

360Video is great for behind the scenes, campaigns, trailers for VR/mobile/web.


Forward-thinking brands are merging creative advertising concepts with 360-degree video to create captivating video ads. This emerging medium lets viewers rotate the camera in an immersive ad experience, creating more interaction and time spent within the ad.

Cultural institutions

Wouldn’t be nice to keep exhibitions and events for posterity,  or experience artists on their own environment?

Cultural life is embracing immersive video. How would you use it?

Health Care

Immersive video in healthcare has many compelling use cases, here is an example:

Relieve stress and reduce pain. Patients in hospital settings typically spend time anxiously waiting for various procedures and doctor and nurse check ins, an activity that does not contribute to, and can harm, recovery. By offering VR experiences to admitted patients like visiting different places, patients can reduce stress and relieve any associated pain. At a larger level beyond a patient’s in-care experience, the overall cost of care can go down if health outcomes are improved through the alleviative properties of VR and patients can go home earlier.

Awareness and fundraising

Immersive video is a great tool for fundraising. Some call it “empathy machine”, a intensive way to experience people and situations.

For example, the United Nations got their own immersive video department to bring the world’s most pressing challenges home to decision makers and global citizens around the world, pushing the bounds of empathy. Allowing people with the power to make a difference have a deeper understanding of the everyday realities of those in danger of being left behind.

As a result, donations increase.

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