High Quality

Up to 8K 3D 360°video and  spatial audio.


The costs of producing a 360°video are about the same as a traditional video.

It all depends on your needs, ambitions and budget.


Your 360°video file can be uploaded and experienced on different platforms.

VR headset, computer, tablet and mobile.

Fast delivery

We are flexible and used to meet deadlines.

Together with companies and organisations we explore ways of using 360Video/VR to solve challenges or make good things better.


It could be an on-boarding process for new employees, or a way of presenting people, facilities, locations, projects or visions.


Many call 360Video/VR an empathy machine. And that’s because it’s the best digital media to “feel” people.


When you put your VR headset on, you move right in the middle of their lifes. That makes 360Video/VR great to tell people stories.

There is plenty of ways to use 360Video/VR in the world of cultural institutions.


Keeping exhibitions for posterity, or making portraits of artists on their own environment are just some of the stuff we been working with lately.


Music videos, digital content from studio sessions, concerts, short format documentaries… you get the picture!

We help broadcasters and production companies to create digital content.


360Video is great for behind the scenes, campaigns, trailers and VR/mobile/AR/web spinoff.

That’s what we do when we haven’t tried before and develop new skills…

We do it a lot!

Meet Our Team

We are a 360°video production company based in Copenhagen. Our team is a group of experient professionals. Used to handle different situations and easy to work with:)

Joao Penaguiao Flimmer360

Joao Penaguiao

managing director / producer


Producer / Sound designer

Afonso Guerreiro


Sofie Birch

Sound designer

Magnus Nygård

Post production